Alpacas family

A bit of history and encouragement to contact :-)

The adventure with alpacas began in 2012 at our large table in the dining room. We considered nice, not too big animals … Coincidentally, there are no coincidences, my friend Małgosia came to us, who encountered alpacas in a magazine and said “maybe you could get alpacas, because they are so nice and clean animals” .. One glance to the Interntet and I knew this was it, I fell in love! In March 2013, Luna and Chilli came to us from Chile, then Lollo, born in Poland, joined us. For several years our alpaca family grew slowly, it traveled between Masuria in summer and Grodzisk Mazowiecki in winter, until we faced a dilemma: reduce the herd or leave the herd for the whole year in Masuria, creating a breeding farm. Option II won. 


Today, after 10 years, we run a pre-professional breeding of alpacas “Slow Life Alpacas”, by Polish standards we have a large herd, because there are already about 50 alpacas (2022), and it will probably grow again after all happy births. 

We process the delicate fleece of alpacas into yarn, from which we make hats and scarves, as well as warm, thermoregulatory quilts that do not hold moisture and are hypoallergenic. 

We recently happened to sell our first boys and we experienced it a lot, but well, that’s the role of breeding. They went to a good home with an autistic girl to work with many other children. I know that it will be good for them, and they will also help many :-) And we accept only such “deals”, we sell at least 2 alpacas in a set, because they have a greater comfort of finding themselves in the new reality. 

Our guests have a unique, due to the scale and freedom, ACCESS TO APPLICATIONS: feeding alpacas in the garden every morning at 10:00, communing with approx. 20 alpacas in the garden (we have with little ones) all day (according to the established REGULATIONS), plus agreed visits to the main alpaca house and meetings with the rest of the herd (approx. 30 alpacas) on pastures. 


We also offer:

1. WALK WITH ALPACKS for every family spending holidays in our guesthouse – stays longer than 2 days – FREE 

2. WALK WITH ALPACAS for guests from outside – a walk for 1 family with 1 or 2 alpacas – max. 4 people – PLN 120, each additional person PLN 20 – after prior reservation – a 1-hour meeting: a walk, treats, a visit to the alpine house, unlimited number of photos taken by guests, stories about alpacas and a lot of good energy! 

3. VISITS IN THE ALPAKARN AND PASTWISKI – Guests from the guesthouse are FREE OF CHARGE – after prior appointment. Outside guests – PLN 15 / person, minimum 4 people or PLN 60. 

We invite our guests to visit the Alpakhouse or go for a walk – AFTER BOOKING IN ADVANCE, call 530-322-724.


The varied topography, the richness of wildlife and the interesting history of the local areas mean that everyone will find something interesting here. The main attractions of our area are: sailing and all other water sports, bicycle trips, hiking in the field, horse riding, fishing, mushroom picking, observation of wild animals and birds, as well as visiting historical sites.