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„Gościniec Bocianowo”

Stręgiel 2, 11-600 Węgorzewo


+48 530-322-724
+48 87 427-03-77

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How to get?

Attention! The address of the Gościniec is Stręgiel 2, but in fact it is located outside the town of Stręgiel, just outside the town of Kalskie Nowiny, coming from Węgorzewo.

  • GPS coordinates according to GARMIN: N 54 ° 12.564 ‘E 021 ° 49.012’
  • GPS coordinates according to Mio: N 54 ° 12 ‘30.31 “E 21 ° 48’ 59.29”

It is 290 km from Warsaw to us.

The best way to leave Warsaw is Radślińska Street, road no. 8 towards Białystok and Ostrów Mazowiecka. Then to Łomża by road No. 677, but here we suggest passing through Nowogród to bypass the usually congested Łomża. Driving on road no. 677 in Śniadowo, turn left towards Nowogród (via Chojny Młodych). On reaching road no. 61 (at the Orlen station), you can go straight to Nowogród (road a bit bumpy) or turn left to Miastkowo and turn right to Nowogród (road no. 648). In Nowogród, we turn left onto road no. 645 towards Olsztyn and after a few kilometers we turn right onto road no. 648 towards Stawiski. We reach road no. 63 and turn left towards Kolno. Then road no. 63 through Giżycko to Węgorzewo itself. In Węgorzewo, at the first intersection behind the military unit, and before the Orlen station, turn to the village of Jakunówko. We drive 4.3 km from the turn, until the village of Kalskie Nowiny ends. After 250 m you will see 2 white stones on the left, marking the road to the Gościniec itself – turn left. Continue 700 meters straight ahead, pass the only neighbor on your left, and you are there!

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The varied topography, the richness of wildlife and the interesting history of the local areas mean that everyone will find something interesting here. The main attractions of our area are: sailing and all other water sports, bicycle trips, hiking in the field, horse riding, fishing, mushroom picking, observation of wild animals and birds, as well as visiting historical sites.