About us

Who we are?

We are a Polish-Danish couple whose heart has been stolen by Masuria :-) We have our home in Stręgl, where we stay in the summer, holidays and long weekends, i.e. when we are also visited by guests. We share our home and knowledge about healthy eating with our guests,
thanks to which we also organize workshops on healthy eating, yoga workshops and slimming stays.

I (Kornelia) run macrobiotic catering in Warsaw on a daily basis and I share my knowledge about healthy eating: www.macrobiosbar.pl 

Christian does other useful things :-) 

The attraction of the road is also the growing herd, currently approx. 50 charming alpacas, which came to us from Chille and from the United States, and were mostly born in Poland.  We are happy when guests visit us, have a good time and eat healthy food  and regenerate their vitality! 

We have also been cooperating with Booking.com for several years. 

Our visiting guests rated us 9.7 / 10 in 2021, 

9.6 / 10 in 2020, 
9.5 / 10 in the 2019 season. 

We are happy to keep the level :-)

You’re welcome, 

Kornelia, Christian and a whole bunch of pets :-)

About us in the media

Our efforts were appreciated by our guests and noticed by the media.  We are included in 3 editions of the popular travel guide “Take a breath from the city”:  “62 unique guest houses in Poland”, “Warmia and Masuria” and “Travel with a child”  and the Slowhop guide “I don’t sleep anywhere”. 

In 2020, the book “Rozmowy przy Stole” was published, also with our participation. We were visited 3 times by the editors of the DDTVN program, and Christian became the hero of the “Welcome to Poland” program.  We were also invited to cooperate by renowned magazines: “Beauty of Life”, “Twój Styl” and “Zwierciadło” and we were recommended on numerous websites, such as “vogue.pl”, “gazeta.pl” and private blogs :-)



The varied topography, the richness of wildlife and the interesting history of the local areas mean that everyone will find something interesting here. The main attractions of our area are: sailing and all other water sports, bicycle trips, hiking in the field, horse riding, fishing, mushroom picking, observation of wild animals and birds, as well as visiting historical sites.

Kornelia song

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