Healthy kitchen

Slow food

In our highway, we promote healthy eating and use a MACROBIOTIC KITCHEN and cook according to 5-CHANGES (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with the use of organic ingredients, including vegetables, in the season from our own biodynamic cultivation.
In addition to serving freshly prepared, healthy meals, we will tell everyone about healthy eating, we will bake sourdough bread together and cook other tasty ones dishes from the gifts of Nature – the possibility of organizing a workshop on healthy eating.

Let food be your best medicine” – Hippocrates.

We are what we eat

That is why, in our highway, we attach great importance to the quality of the food served, so that the taste goes hand in hand with food and health! We prepare all dishes ourselves from wholesome and top-quality ingredients, from selected vegetables of known origin, preferably garden vegetables, without pasteurization, sterilization, homogenization, hydrolysis, refining, canning, freezing, preservation, frying “to death”, irradiation, bleaching, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, plastic, aluminum foil, Teflon, microwave ovens, refined vegetable oils, flavor additives and enhancers such as:

emulsifiers, leavers, fillers, dyes, preservatives,
sweeteners (e.g. aspartame, or a neurotoxin), stock cubes
and others – monosodium glutamate and a long list of poisoners

they are forbidden from us!

Your health is on your plate!
Invest in a cook, not a doctor!

We can also offer body cleansing techniques and show you how to prepare healthy dishes. We will tell you about macrobiotics and cooking according to the Five Changes, easy to transfer to Polish soil. Together with those willing, we will bake sourdough bread, which you can take home with your loved ones, and prepare selected dishes.

For gourmets of traditional cuisine, we will serve classic Polish dishes, such as ham in a string (not available in stores), local fish, delicious apple pie with almonds and homemade tinctures.

Price list

All guests are welcome in the highway! Adults, children and dogs.

In addition to cozy rooms, we also offer mealsand diets adapted to all dietary preferences.