Gościniec Bocianowo

Oasis of peace and quietness, combining the proximity of wild nature with delicious and healthy cuisine and alpaca farming. Gościniec is located just a few kilometers from Węgorzewo and the lakes Stręgiel, Święcajty and Mamry, but as if at the end of the world!

It is probably the only such place in Poland where you can relax in a garden full of freely walking alpacas, who are curious looking over the shoulder in the books :-)

Cozy rooms

Gościniec is an over 100-year-old large house with farm buildings in the old Masurian style. Guests have at their disposal two apartments and three rooms, so the place is intimate. The stylishly and climatically furnished rooms differ in size, as they were created on the basis of the former room layout.

The rooms are dominated by an eclectic style, i.e. a total mix of nice but functional things, old and new, with a lot of wood, also with half-timbered elements.

Slow Food

In our highway, we promote healthy eating and use MACROBIOTIC CUISINE
and we cook according to 5-CHANGES (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
with the use of organic ingredients, including vegetables, in the season from our own biodynamic production.

In addition to serving freshly prepared, healthy meals, we will tell you about a healthy eating style,Together, we will bake sourdough bread and cook other tasty dishes from the gifts of Nature.


Our adventure with alpacas began in the summer of 2012. In March 2013, the first alpacas from Chille came to us, then the herd was gradually enlarging, until now it has about 50 alpacas.

You can visit them with us, feed them with carrots and even go for a walk,
but after PRE-ARRANGEMENT, call: 530-322-24 :-)


The undoubted attraction “at your fingertips” is a herd of alpacas walking slowly in the courtyard and in the garden.Alpacas will be happy to come and eat grated carrots from your hand, and you can even go for a walk with some of them. The varied topography, the richness of wild nature and the interesting history of the local areas make that everyone will find something interesting for themselves.

The main attractions of our area are all water sports, bicycle tours, hiking in the field, horse riding, fishing, mushroom picking, wildlife and bird watching, as well as visiting historical sites.

Bocianowo from a bird’s eye view

The Gościniec is surrounded by meadows and forests, and in the nearby distance there are Stręgiel, Święcajty and Mamry Lakes. Watch the movie before you visit us :-)


Attention! The address of the Gościniec is Stręgiel 2, but in fact it is located outside the town of Stręgiel, just outside the town of Kalskie Nowiny, coming from Węgorzewo.

About us

We are a Polish-Danish couple whose heart has been stolen by Masuria. We have our home in Stręgl, where we live for half a year, during holidays and long weekends, i.e. when we are also visited by guests. We share our home and knowledge about healthy eating with our guests, we care for comfort, convenience and coziness.

We are naturally inspired by the ideas of the Danish HYGGE, that make our Guests feel cared for, safe and happy, thanks to which they fully regenerate vitality!